Russia Market

Russia is the 14th largest economy in the world (estimated GNP 2016) with population of 144M people (Crimea not included). Russia is a high potential market for international companies. Due to the political situation several international companies decided to invest in building their production sites inside the country and now enjoying the low production costs, reduction in logistics costs and state international investments’ incentives.

Russia is a complicated market for internationalization, however, entering this country will provide one with the long-lasting partnership with local companies. Russian mentality dictates taking time for choosing the right partner with long-term commitment to them.


The Russian market offers significant opportunities in a wide variety of industries, but particular opportunities can be found in the following sectors of Russian industry:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical industry
  • Real estate
  • Information technologies (innovation)
  • Consumer goods
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Construction management, materials, and equipment

We are pursuing a number of energy and property projects in the Baltic States and have been working closely with CCG over the past few years.


While familiar with dealing with international business in other areas, we had not actively looked to take our science park business model into foreign markets.

Roslin Foundation

We have worked with CCG for over six months primarily in Lithuania. We have been delighted with the level of support from the local team in Lithuania.