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Current International Trends in the education sector

There are a number of key trends we are noticing in the education sector in recent months.
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Some thoughts on the European Education Market in 2018

It is clear that BREXIT is a game changer for UK universities; however it is not clear what the rules of the new game will be. Charles Cormack makes some assumptions based on the type of exit which looks likely.

News from our markets

News from our markets The advantage of having local staff on the ground in around 30 markets round the globe is that we can pick up some useful information on how the education market is developing, and how we can support UK clients in getting involved in projects which will support that strategic direction. In this blog we have shown some nuggets we picked up over the last few weeks.
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Opportunities Update- Education

Welcome to our September opportunities update, we are aware that many of you will be very busy with the start of term, but wanted to let you know about some of the current international opportunities we are seeing for both universities and colleges. These are in no particular order and cover opportunities across a range of markets including the USA, Brazil, CIS, Baltic States, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania and the Ukraine.
Charles Cormack

How can UK universities mitigate the effects of Brexit?

UK universities have led the world for many years in the provision and delivery of higher education to international students. There are currently around 310,000 international (non-EU) students, and 127,000 EU students studying in UK, generating approximately £25 billion for the UK economy. Providing education to international students is extremely important to British universities and has historically been particularly lucrative, the ability to attract and retain top talent from around the world also enhances universities ability to attract funding for innovative research, and contributions to enriching the university experience for all students.
Charles Cormack

Brexit implications

Since Article 50 was finally triggered, the only certainty appears to be uncertainty in the road ahead, particularly over the next 24-month period of negotiations. I must admit that while I am still disappointed at the decision and the potentially lost opportunities in Europe, the uncertainty is a little exciting and has my entrepreneurial juices flowing again.
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We already have several UK universities in discussions with Portuguese institutions around forming strategic partnerships and we believe there is scope for a number more to make Portugal a post-BREXIT partner hub.
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Market Access

We are currently running projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Germany, several CIS markets, Brazil and North America.
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We have seen a big increase in activity in the US market over the past 12 months and are now working with around 10 UK universities and an accrediting body in the market. We see a number of exciting growth in the areas of apprenticeships and student recruitment.