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Cormack Consultancy - Market access in Europe

Market Updates

We have put together a update to let you know what is happening in the the markets we work in.
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New Markets for CCG

NEW MARKETS FOR CCG We conducted a survey of clients earlier in the year to highlight markets where they would like CCG to be present and where we could support them with market entry and partnership development. Three countries were highlighted: Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, and we are delighted to announce we are now working on developing these markets through our local teams.

New and recent opportunities (December)

Opportunity for Partnership with the Vistula Group of Universities…

Oct / Nov Opportunities

Strategic Partnerships Below is a selection of strategic partnerships opportunities we have developed; these opportunities go further than simple TNE and would allow a university to develop a presence in the European market.
Services To Education


This is the question that many UK universities are wrestling with at the moment, the Government’s recent announcement that EU students will continue to be able to access the tuition loan for a further year has kicked the can a little further down the road.


As always, we thought you might be interested in seeing a selection of the opportunities we have shared with clients over the past few months, we have not shared the names of the universities and partners, however if any are of particular interest please let me know
Cormack Consultancy - Market access in Europe


Europe continues to be our busiest region, we have brought a number of new UK university clients on board, with our role being to help them to develop effective TNE partnerships in different parts of Europe.
Working with Cormack Consultancy for European and worldwide market access

New Market - Canada

Canada is fast becoming an international education powerhouse. It has now overtaken the UK as the most attractive English-speaking country for EU students,

New Opportunities May 18

We gave a selection of opportunities we have shared with clients over the past month or so, we have removed the names of the institutions, but if there are any which are of interest then please let me know and I can share further information.