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Lithuania is located in Northern Europe and is the biggest of the three Baltic States which includes both Latvia and Estonia. With the population of nearly 3 million people, where almost every young professional speaks English and additional foreign languages, Lithuania is an attractive market for business opportunities and investments.

Since 2013 Lithuania has jumped eight places for the ease of starting a business to 11th place globally in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report. It takes only three days to start and register a new business in Lithuania. With annually growing GDP the Lithuanian economic situation is vastly improving and is what is making Lithuania one of the fastest growing EU countries.

Lithuania is well known as the attractive and well-equipped market for ICT development, having the fastest public Wi-Fi in the world and is number one in Europe for fastest download and upload speed. Also, Lithuania focuses particularly on creativity and innovation and has strong R&D and Life Science sectors, high-tech and many others.

Experience has shown us that Lithuania offers a wide range of business opportunities in various industries.

Three weeks before our first visit we were not even sure where Latvia and Lithuania were, we went from complete ignorance of the territory to having two paid pieces of work (with almost certain follow up activity) two formal partners and four very strong leads, all of which we expect to develop into more paid work.

Ross International

Bright Purple have taken steps to announce the launch of its new Baltic operation, with the opening of an office in Vilnius in Lithuania. The board believes it’s an exciting development in its plans to Internationalise the business and although like others Bright Purple are feeling the effects of the Global economic slowdown,

Bright Purple Resourcing

OMEC was planning to establish a company presence in Baltic States, and was at an early stage of investigation. Than we approach CCG and they helped us identify the opportunities and helped with: market analysis; introductions to various companies and contacts; facilitation of discussions; and post deal support.