France Market

France is the largest country of the European Union, the fifth largest economy of the world, and a leader among European nations. France is recovering from the economic recession and after a few years their annual economic growth rate has passed 1% in 2015 mainly thanks to increased household consumption.

The French economy has a large share of GDP that comes from services (almost 80% of GDP) while only less than 20% of French GDP is generated by industry. Nevertheless, France’s reputation as specialists in machinery, chemicals, cosmetics and luxury products, automobiles, and aircraft is world class.

France has a highly educated labour force with the highest number of graduates per thousand workers among European countries.

France is the second largest exporter of the EU (after Germany) and in the past years, they have become a net importer of goods and services, in particular machinery, vehicles, oil, aircraft, transportation and travel services. The main trading partners are other EU members, outside EU the most important partners are China as importers and the USA as an export destination. Overall, the weight of Asian economies among trading partners of France has been rising sharply in the past decade.


Even though the French economy is just recovering from the economic recession, the government is ready to start and set up conditions for a “third industrial revolution” focused on innovative technologies.

France offers opportunities to companies from all over the world, particularly on the following sectors:

  • Augmented reality
  • High-speed trains
  • Nano-electronics
  • Aircraft
  • Renewable energies and green materials
  • Safe, healthy and sustainable food (innovative products)
  • Technical and smart textiles
  • Medical devices and new healthcare equipment
  • Battery life and power
  • Life sciences
  • Energy
  • Chemical industries
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber security

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