Learn about:

The Turing Scheme, which funds UK study abroad in the United States and throughout the world


Lower Cost Study Abroad Opportunities through Direct Partnerships


Hosting Sponsored UK Students

Beginning in fall 2021, US universities and colleges will be able to host sponsored UK study abroad students. Over £100 million has been made available to UK universities for study in the US and around the world.

At the webinar we will explain how US institutions may develop partnerships with UK universities that are receiving Turing funds and guide you in how to be eligible to host UK study abroad students.


Inexpensive and Safe Study Abroad for US Students

European universities (including the UK) are capable of hosting US study abroad students more cost-effectively than third-party provider programs. CCG has been auditing and preparing European universities to provide study abroad programs that are academically satisfying, safe, and highly responsive to the needs of US students, institutions, and parents.

At the webinar, we will share how direct partnerships can improve study abroad and make it more accessible and affordable. We will also discuss how European universities are being audited for study abroad capacity, the training they are receiving, and the locations and types of universities that are participating.


Presenting at the Webinar

  • Paul Rowe, Director of International Partnerships at the University of Central Lancashire, will discuss his plans for the Turing Scheme and sending students to the United States.
  • Claire Axel-Berg, CCG Associate, will describe the readiness of European universities for hosting US students, how CCG is preparing them, and why we feel third-party providers showed flaws in their processes during the pandemic.
  • Steve Seaworth, former VP for University Relations at IFSA and CCG Associate, will discuss the various models of study abroad and outline the advantages of study abroad through partnerships.


Register for the Webinar

When: Wednesday, June 23 at 12pm Eastern Time.

How: To attend the webinar and learn about the Turing Scheme and the study abroad universities in our network, you may register here.


About the Cormack Consultancy Group

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