Club Orizont is a new service offered by CCG that aims to support member universities who are keen to improve their success in accessing EU (and other) funded projects. Assisted by EU funding experts in the grant writing field, the members of Club Orizont receive support in the process of identifying relevant opportunities, develop and submit the applications in a more comprehensive, innovative, and effective way.


Any university and research institute that want to enhance the level of funds attracted can become a member of Club Orizont. The membership is based on an institutional level, but different members of the institution can participate to the Club Orizont activities. Based on the responsibilities held by the team members there will be several opportunities for them to enhance their level of expertise and to take part in the networking activities where all the members will be engaged.


The advantages of being part of Club Orizont:

  • Weekly newsletter highlighting relevant calls and focusing on different EU and other funding options.
  • Access to an experienced team of experts who can support across the key areas of EU funding.
  • Access to high quality, live, interactive training courses, aimed at different levels of experience.
  • Support the development of relevant skills of staff.
  • Creates a platform that allows universities and faculties to meet peers from other universities that are interested in submitting European funded projects.
  • Mechanism for Sharing of technical and laboratory resources.


The benefits of being part of Club Orizont:

  • Grow research in terms of productivity, internationalisation, citation impact and ability to attract funding.
  • Grow the visibility of the instruction.
  • Increase income generation.
  • Support the development of relevant skills of staff.
  • Develop the portfolio and scale of international partnerships.
  • Improve the institutions capacity to attract new EU funding.
  • Attracting new researchers and students.


Beneficiaries of university membership include:

International office staff and research support officers can take part in Club Orizont activities and training, enabling them to gain a greater understanding and more experience of EU funding and how it works. Researchers can learn how to develop more comprehensive, innovative sustainable and effective applications.

Early career researchers can receive high quality initial and ongoing training on how to find partners and build project proposals and applications.  This will improve their ability to achieve funding for their projects and support their senior researcher colleagues.


Faculty Heads, Deans and Rectors will benefit from the knowledge sharing, decision making and consortia building, as well as the increased funding attracted to the faculty or institution.


Club Orizont has been developed by the team at Cormack Consultancy Group (CCG) and pulls together our expertise in partnership and project development across Europe and the surrounding markets.  CCG has been supporting universities across Europe for 22 years and has a network of over 600 universities who we work with.

The Club Orizont team is headed by Dr. Elena Bozdog, and Roger Horam with support from a wide range of CCG Staff and Associates.

Roger Horam

Roger helps institutions to identify, shape and implement major changes through investment, funding and social innovation development. With offices in Edinburgh and Prague, Roger has become a leading expert on income generation and bid writing:

  • Proven track record in successful proposals and tenders that meet institutions needs and demonstrate triple bottom line value.
  • Identifying funding sources and tenders, and managing all stages of the submission, or facilitating the inhouse process and bringing external knowledge and perspective.
  • Helping find delivery partners/consortium members
Elena Bozdog (Club Manager)               

Elena Bozdog looks after the day to day management of Club Orizont , before that she was Partner Manager at CCG and has been working as a Research Assistant in the Department of Public Health, College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca since 2012. She has over 10 years of experience in implementing and managing research projects and building international capacity in the field of public health, funded by the European Commission, the National Institutes of Health, USA, and other national and international funders.


CCG has prepared several types of membership options, in order to respond to the different needs of the interested partner universities:

Orizont Bronze Orizont   Silver Orizont   Gold

Participation fee:

500 Euro/month

Participation fee:

1200 Euro/month

Participation fee:

2500 Euro/month

Training and workshops in different areas:

  • Identifying viable project ideas
  • Grant writing workshops
  • Budgeting
  • Project implementation
  • Master classes
  • Online discussions and ideas exchange with other universities/researchers
Yes Yes Yes
Weekly funding newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Club Orizont Networking sessions Yes Yes Yes
Consortium building support Yes Yes Yes
Support in finding the right call for proposals to apply to Yes Yes
Evaluation Services of already prepared proposal, CCG can act as an external evaluator and support you in improving the project proposal and offer a pre submission assessment of the application package (maximum 4 proposals/6-month subscription) Yes Yes
Assistance in the development of the project proposal: finding the partners, grant writing process and in the submission process (maximum 4 proposals/6-month subscription) Yes

The minimum subscription is for 6 months. Partner universities that opt for a 12-month subscription will get a 10% discount on the monthly fee.

For more information, please contact Elena Bozdog: