Very interesting opportunity with University in Georgia

We have a very interesting opportunity with a University in Georgia. The university is one of the leading private universities in Georgia and was formed in 1998.   The University has 10 schools, Business, Law, Media, Technology, Governance, Humanities, Social Sciences, Tourism, Medicine and Healthcare Management.  The University has also recently established a doctoral school and has also formed a joint faculty with New Westminster College from Canada.

The university is keen to develop a partnership with a UK university who would be interested in developing dual degree programmes, the preferred model would be a franchised/validated model with the programme delivered in Georgia.  The university delivers a number of UG and PG programmes in English, including Business Administration, Computing, International Relations, Sociology, Psychology and Tourism.

As you may have read in the press Georgia is trying hard to become a major hub for international education, and this University is keen to use this partnership and others in its efforts to increase the number of international students.

Opportunity with Medical University in Ukraine

This University is Ukraine’s highest ranked Medical University, based in Ternopil in the west of Ukraine.  The university has 6,500 students (2000 of them are international) The university teaches a range of courses including nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, physiotherapy and general medicine at UG and PG levels.  The university delivers a number of courses in English, and is keen to form a partnership with a UK university that could cover areas including:

  • Staff development (they are looking for support from UK universities to develop staff)
  • Student and Staff mobility
  • Joint Research
  • Dual Degree (mobility, with their students coming to the UK for a semester)

They would also be interested in partnering with a UK university on the development of a programme for international students that would see the student come to the UK to do a Biomedical Science degree (or similar) and then articulate into the medical programme at Ternopil.

Interesting Opportunity with Private University in Croatia

We have an interesting opportunity with a leading private University of Applied Science in Croatia.  The University is about 30 minutes drive from the centre of Zagreb, and the campus is next to Zagreb international airport.  The University was founded 16 years ago, and has around 2,000 students and offers programmes in a limited number of areas, at UG level they teach Computer Systems, Aircraft Maintenance, Management in Crisis Situation, Optometry and Automotive Engineering and four PG programmes, Crisis Management, Information Systems, Management of Logistic Systems and Optometry.

These courses are developed based on careful analysis of the needs of the local economy, and provision in other universities.  The university is currently investing heavily in the further development of their campus, and are keen to attract increased numbers of international students (in line with the Croatian government’s policy of dramatically increasing international student numbers).  They do not currently deliver any programme completely in English, though the plan is to move to full English delivery, and Optometry will be the first one to offer this in September, they are looking for a UK partner to look at opportunities to deliver dual degree programmes, and also to look at franchising programmes in other areas they are considering.

Hospitality School opportunity in the Baltic States

We have an interesting opportunity to partner with a Lithuanian education group who are looking at creating a tourism and hospitality school in Lithuania, Latvia and possibly Romania.  The group has recently completed the acquisition of a number of vocational colleges in the Baltic to add to its portfolio, which already includes a University in Lithuania.

The project is at an early stage of development, however, the owners have a good track record, and are already engaged in discussions with a number of major hotel chains.  They would be looking to offer both vocational courses (HND level) and top up degree programmes, which they would look to franchise.

Opportunity to partner with a new “Polytechnic” University in Romania

We are working with a number of significant organisations in Romania on the development of a new Polytechnic University in Bucharest.  The two key players behind this project are the largest education NGO in Romania with a strong track record of delivering national education projects, and one of the largest education businesses in Romania.  Both organisations have experience of working with UK universities on a range of projects, including the launch of a new private nursing university delivering UK degree programmes.

In partnership with some of the largest companies (international and local), they are looking at establishing a new type of private university in Romania, which will focus on the delivery of modern relevant degree programmes (mainly UG) focused on getting young people ready for the workplace.  They will adopt the same model as the successful arrangement used with their UK University partner for the nursing school where investment will come in direct from business through a special tax allowance/exemption. The initial focus will be on IT with plans to then expand into other areas where there is a lack of relevant local provision.

The working group would like to invite expressions of interest from UK universities that would like to become the academic partner.  The university should be experienced at delivering industry focused programmes (including Higher Apprenticeships) and have a strong track record of working closely with industry to develop relevant programmes and have the capacity to deliver elements of the programmes online.  The University partner will have a significant input into how the project is developed.

There will be a meeting in Bucharest in September, where interested universities will be invited to meet with the originators of the project and senior representatives of industry to discuss the project further.

Opportunity for UK university to offer support to a leading Lithuanian University in establishing a Faculty of Education 

One of the leading state universities in Lithuania.  The university has, as a result of a major restructuring of the Lithuanian higher education system, which has resulted in a rationalisation of the numbers of universities from 11 to 7, and which has seen the closing of the only specialist teacher training university been tasked with the opening of a faculty of education.

The faculty will, along with another being established by Vilnius University will have the responsibility for the training of all teachers in Lithuania, and will also be responsible for the development of CPD for current teachers, as well as developing a significant research profile.  The university is interested in identifying a UK university that might be able to offer consultancy to support the development of the faculty, this will include staff development, curriculum development, support in developing a CPD strategy, and also in the development of a research strategy and activity.

The university is to receive financial support for procuring of the consultancy.

Opportunity for a Dual Degree partnership with Paris Institution

We have a very exciting opportunity to form a partnership with an Institution in Paris.  The institution was founded in 1995 by the local municipality and operates as a not for profit institution.  It has 6,000 students studying UG and PG programmes in Business, Engineering, and Computing and IT.  The university teaches a range of courses in English and is keen to increase the already significant number of international students it attracts. It charges fees of around £9,000 per year.  The Business School is in the process of becoming a triple crown business school, which curtails some freedom in partnering however, this does not affect the other schools.

They are keen to develop a partnership that would cover a number of areas including the development of dual degree programmes (mobility based), joint summer schools and research collaboration.  They are also keen to establish study abroad partnerships.

Interesting opportunity with a leading private university in Estonia

We have a very interesting opportunity with one of the leading, and the largest private university in Estonia, with around 1600 students. The university is based in Tallinn.  The university offers students the choice of studying in English, Russian and Estonian and attracts students from across the CIS and Europe.

The university works closely with industry in Estonia and the wider Baltic region, and courses have been developed in partnership with these companies, and as well as the core academic team the university prides itself on bringing in staff from across Europe to support the delivery of programmes.  They also have a special partnership with Ulemist City (dubbed the Silicon Valley of the North) and their students on average earn higher salaries than graduates from the University of Tartu or Tallinn University.

They currently have no dual degree relationship with a UK university and are keen to look at the opportunity to develop dual UG programmes in the areas of Games Development, Computer Science, Business, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

The management team of the university seem very focused, and are keen to use a partnership as a way of increasing student numbers (Estonian and European post Brexit and International).


Opportunity with leading Business and Law School in Kazakhstan

University was founded by Presidential decree  in 1994, and is the leading university for Law, Economics and Business in Kazakhstan. The University has around 4000 students, and offers both UG and PG programmes taught in English in Business, Law, Tourism, International Relations, Psychology and Languages.  As well as Kazak accreditation the university also has FIBBA accreditation (German accreditation agency) and many of the university courses also carry extra external accreditation including ACCA, ICAEW, CFA.

The University is keen to find an appropriate UK university partner who would be keen to develop a strategic partnership that would cover;

  • The development of Dual Degree Programmes (both mobility and delivered in market would be considered).  This is key as they wish to use the relationship to attract both local and international students.  They are happy to look at the franchising of both foundation and pre Masters programmes, they would also look at hosting/franchising courses from a UK University and hosting a Micro Hub.  They would like the partnership to be strategic and include the UK University having a branded space within the campus.
  • Student and Staff exchange.
  • Development of Joint Research, the further development of research is very important to the university.
  • Collaboration in sharing best practice.
  • Erasmus + and other Exchange Programmes.

This opportunity offers the UK University the chance to build a strategic link with one of the leading universities in the region.