One-day internationalisation seminar in Croatia January 2020

The plan will be for UK Universities to travel to Croatia on the 20th, the one-day internationalisation seminar will take place on the 21st, and will be hosted on the campus of Algebra University  The aim of the event is to develop partnerships between UK and Croatian universities focusing on the development of dual degree programmes, joint research and student and staff mobility.

Outline Programme

21st January

  • 10am – Welcome – Croatian Ministry of Education
  • 10.15- Introduction to the Croatian Ministries plans to support Croatian University internationalisation
  • 10.45- Introduction to Croatian HE Sector- Rectors Conference of Croatia
  • 11.30 – UK University presentations (each UK University will give a 30 min presentation on their university and the types of partnerships they are looking to build)
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 2pm UK University Presentations (cont)
  • 3pm- Croatian University presentations
  • 5pm- Q and A
  • 5.30pm Finish

The 22nd will be a chance for Universities to meet face to face to discuss possible partnerships.  We will provide summaries of UK Universities to Croatian Universities and visa versa, and will then coordinate individual meeting schedules.  Meetings will either be held on the campuses of local Universities (if in Zagreb) or at Algebra University.

We will work with all the UK Universities to help with the arranging of meetings etc.  For clients there is no charge for the trip (except the normal share of expenses) for non-clients, there will be a charge of £1,500 plus VAT and share of expenses.

If you would like to attend or get more info please email

Exciting Opportunity to develop a partnership with Spanish University

The University, based in Catalonia, Spain and is one of the leading teaching and research universities in Spain. 

The university has 14,000 students, spread across 6 campuses.  The university is interested in developing dual degree programmes with a UK university as part of their internationalisation activity.  They are ideally looking for a model of dual degree that allows for delivery in Spain, but allows a mobility pathway to students who would like to come and study part of their degree in the UK.

The University currently has a couple of UG programmes delivered in English , including Chemistry (the university is ranked no 1 in Spain for Chemistry) and English Philology, and a significant number of Masters programmes, including Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Computer Science, AI and Cyber Security, Business, Marketing and Entrepeneurship.  The University is also keen to develop a range of joint PHD programmes.

As well as the development of dual degree programmes the university is also keen to explore opportunities for joint research and student and staff mobility.

Opportunity to develop a dual degree partnership with the a leading Ukraine University

The University is one of Ukraine’s leading universities, it was founded in 1921, and was granted National status in 2011.  The university has over 5,000 students, and offers full time, part time and distance learning courses.  The university has already developed dual degree relationships with a number of European universities including Zagreb School of Economics, University of Anger (France) and Mittweida University of Applied Science (Germany).

The university is keen to develop a number of dual degree programmes with a UK university, they are looking for either a validation of their existing English taught programme, or the development of a dual programme that could include some blended delivery from the UK Partner.  They would like to start by looking at a couple of UG programmes, International Business and Economics/Business.  They will be using these new dual degrees to build on their already successful international recruitment.

Opportunity to develop a partnership with leading Italian University

The University is one of the oldest universities in  Italy, founded in 1308 by Pope Clement V.  The university is situated in a beautiful university town in the centre of Umbria.  It is still one of the leading universities in Italy (Censis have ranked it 1st in medium sized universities in Italy for the past 5 years) and is ranked 351 in THE World Ranking. The university has 23,500 students, studying across 16 departments, with 1,100 academic staff and 1,000 support staff. Key faculties include Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Political Science and Veterinary Medicine.

The university has 361 Erasmus partner universities, but is keen to develop a partnership with a leading UK University for the development of dual degree programmes.  The model would be based on student mobility, with the student paying the relevant fees to each university.   They are also keen to develop a strategic institutional research partnership, where the development of research partnerships could be encouraged across a number of faculties.

The university would like to focus initial dual degree activity on Humanities, Science and Mathematics. 

Opportunity with a College in New York, USA

We have an interesting partnership opportunity with a College in the USA.  The College was founded in New York in 1950, and has grown to become one of the leading private universities in the State.  The university has over 9,000 students and offers over 40 degree programmes across four campuses.  The main campus is a forty minute train ride from Grand Central Station, the university has recently acquired and is refurbishing a campus in mid-town Manhattan which will open with dormitories this year.  The university’s most famous alumni Mark Zuckerberg who attended computer classes whilst at High School.

The University is keen to internationalise its student base, as well as build partnerships with universities across Europe.  There is interest in developing dual degree programmes with European Universities based on the student spending the first three years at the partner university and then coming to the US to complete their studies for UG or first year at the partner and coming to the US for a semester for PG , with the student being awarded two degree diploma’s based on the mutual recognition of credits.  The University is also keen to look at articulation agreements, joint research project and student and staff mobility.  There will also be an option for the delivery of summer schools utilising the new Manhattan Campus.

Whist it is a general university they would initially like to focus on Business, Computing, Cyber Security, International Relations, Design, Animation and Psychology.

If you would be interested in a discussion please get in touch.

Significant Opportunity to develop a strategic partnerships with a new Business university in Uzbekistan

We have been asked to support the launch of a new private university in Uzbekistan, and help identify a UK university partner. The UK partner will be able to work with them on the establishment of the university, initially franchising a number of Business (Entrepreneurship) and IT/Technology courses, supporting their Staff development, and supporting them develop as a fully fledged Uzbek University over the next decade.  The partnership will also act as a feeder of postgraduate students to the UK


The university is being established by a group of leading business people in Uzbekistan whose founders started their businesses in 2008 and have been instrumental in looking to create an enterprise ecosystem in Uzbekistan. They have built a group of 12 successful companies that cover equipment supply, leasing, business tourism, chain of co-working spaces, consultancy and training.  One of the founders has also held senior political office in the Tashkent Municipality and have very strong business and political connections.  One of the principals also studied at St Andrews.  This project is seen by the principals as a project for the social good rather than a simple commercial opportunity.

The team identified the need to create a market leading business and IT university that would focus on entrepreneurship and technologies for the digital economy.  They are coming to the end of the local approval process and have the support of the Prime Ministers and Presidents Office.

Uzbekistan currently has a shortage of university places at Undergraduate level and the government is keen to encourage the private sector to develop quality institutions, there are already a number of UK universities who are present, the most successful being Westminster University that has a campus in Tashkent, which has over 3000 students, and is recognised locally as the leading University.  There is also a growing middle class with disposable income. There is also significant under provision of Higher Education places, last year there were 1 million applicants for 100,000 places.

The Plan 

There is already an initial campus in place (which they own) near the centre of Tashkent in an area that is rapidly developing.  This campus will be able to hold 1,200 students and there is a plan to start to develop a new campus to be ready in around 4-5 years that will accommodate around 4,000 students.

The team behind this project have run a large number of focus groups with students and parents over the past year as part of their business planning process, and are comfortable that they will be able to recruit their target number of students, and the initial fee level will be between $4,000 and $6,000 a year.  Their target for the first year of recruitment is 250-300 students.

They initially want to focus on UG programmes, and will introduce Masters and MBA programmes in due course.  To allow them to start quickly they are looking to franchise programmes in the first instance.  The intention is to jointly brand the programmes and facilities to maximise the exposure of the UK brand in market they will also look to market their UK partners Masters and MBA’s to students in Uzbekistan (the students would come to the UK)

They have already identified a Rector (who will be international and have relevant experience) and an Academic Provost, who has held a similar position at the Westminster campus.

Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more we will send some further information and have an initial call to clarify any questions you may have, we will then look to arrange an initial call with the team behind the project, and then if both sides are keen to progress the plan would be for the principals to come to the UK to meet with the university face to face, and also for you to go to Tashkent to visit the campus site and meet other key players, including officials in the government and at the local accreditation agency.

Interesting Opportunity to partner with leading Ukrainian Economics University

We have an interesting opportunity to partner with a leading Economics University in Ukraine.  The university has 7 Faculties teaching a range of courses in Business, Finance, Computing and International Relations.  The University has around 7,500 students, with around 15% being international.  The university is ranked 201 in the QS EECA rankings, and is considered one of the leading universities in the country.  It already has a number of successful dual programmes with French, Polish and Austrian Universities, but no UK partner.

The university teaches a number of full degree programmes in English including International Business (UG) Computing and Software Engineering (UG & PG) Tourism (PG) and International Relations(UG/PG), and are keen to look at creating dual degree programmes with a UK University.  They are open to look at different models, but believe that the best model for attracting significant numbers of students would be in country delivery.  They are also keen to develop research and mobility links.

Significant Strategic Opportunity for a partnership with leading private technical university in Latvia

One of the leading private universities in Latvia, and the only private technical university.

The university is looking to reposition itself for the international market, and as a result is looking for a UK university who would be interested in developing a strategic partnership that would cover the development of dual degree programmes (both franchised and mobility based) joint research, faculty and curriculum development and student and staff mobility.  The university is also looking to change the focus of its Management and Economic faculty from traditional management and economics to a modern western business school focusing on areas such as entrepreneurship and management.

The university is well known regionally for the quality of its Logistics, Engineering (Telecommunications and Electronics) and Computing teaching and research and is in the process of opening new robotics labs and is also to become part of the Latvian Government and Accenture sponsored Project 3000 initiative, which is focused on developing new joint provision in computer science.

Excellent opportunity with leading Technical University in Ukraine

Following on from the recent CCG visit to Ukraine we have a university keen to establish a partnership with a UK university which will cover the development of dual degree programmes, staff and student mobility and summer schools.  The university has a rich heritage, founded in 1930, the university is famous for the creation of the first high-speed aeroplane with retractable landing gear, and for the design of one of the first turbojet engines.  The university continues to be rated highly.

The university has 11,000 students, including 1,500 international students from 45 countries.  It is a campus-based institution, which includes a range of student facilities.  The university belongs to EASN, PEGASUS and a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum.  The university also has dual degree programmes with universities in Italy, Germany and China.

The university teaches a range of courses in English in a range of areas including Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Economics, Psychology, Aviation Transport, Power Engineering (renewable) and Avionics, and wishes to develop dual programmes with UK universities that will allow the university to increase its international students.  They are looking at a couple of models, both the franchised/validated model for delivering in Ukraine, and mobility, and understand the financial arrangements around both models.  They are also interested in discussing summer schools, student and staff mobility and joint research.

Significant Franchise opportunity in Pakistan.

A well established local education provider is keen to find a UK university to partner with for the franchising of a range of UG and PG Programmes.  The local partner has recently acquired a campus in Islamabad in Pakistan and is keen to offer UK degree programmes.  They will initially focus on Business course, but will then look to develop engineering and computing courses. They will start with 400 students studying business programmes, but their projections are to grow to around 3000 students on this campus within 4 years.  The model will be a franchise, with local faculty delivering the programmes, though there could be an element of blended provision in the programmes. They are also looking at developing similar campuses in other significant cities in Pakistan.