Exceptional Opportunity to Partner with Highly Ranked University in CEE

We are working with one of the oldest and highest-ranked universities in Central and Eastern Europe.  The University was founded in the 16th Century and is considered one of the most important in the Region.

The University has a Business School.  The School delivers a range of UG and PG programmes and a successful MBA and has a growing executive education offering.   The School has a strong research pedigree in digital transformation and innovation, entrepreneurship and family business, corporate governance and global leadership.

Over the past 3 years there has been a significant increase in recruitment (28% at UG, 34% at PG, and 68% increase in international recruitment).

The University wishes to form a partnership with a well ranked UK University and establish a joint Business School, with the UK University becoming a full partner with the host university in the development of the business school into a world class school.  There is no expectation of financial investment from the UK partner, the UK partner will be investing IP, brand and know-how.

This is an excellent opportunity for the UK University to have a post- BREXIT base in Europe, and allow it to develop activity in CEE and the CIS.

Contact us if you would like more information.

Fascinating Opportunity with Leading Private Italian Art Academy

This is one of Italy’s leading art academies.  Founded 20 years ago, and with campuses in Bresica and Trento.  The academy offers courses in a number of areas including Painting, Interior Architecture, Scenography, Audio-visual and Multimedia Cinema, Drama and Performing Arts, Graphic Design, Photography and Fashion Design.  Classes are small, with a high teacher student ratio.  The academy also has very close links to organisations and companies in relevant fields allowing students to get high quality work experience.

The Academy is planning to increase the number of courses taught in English, at all levels.  Initially UG programmes will still be partly taught in Italian, but Masters will be available in English.  The plan is to be able to offer all courses in English.  The Academy is looking to use the increase in English taught provision to increase the number of international students that they recruit.  Currently, fees for UG and PG programmes are between 3,500-5,000 Euro with international fees at 6,500 UG and 7,000 PG.

The Academy is keen to find a UK University to partner with, to develop dual degree programmes to offer to international students, as well as develop a partnership around student and staff mobility and the development of joint projects.

If you would like to have a call, please contact us.

Very interesting Franchise Opportunity in the Czech Republic

This College is based in Olomouc in the Czech Republic.  The College delivers UG programmes in Business, Economics, Management, and ICT.  The College was founded by one of the Czech Republic’s leading business people, and the aim to develop the best private business school in the country.  Though the college only currently has just over 300 students, the new state of the art campus has capacity for 1,500, with further development planned.

The College is currently seeing a significant increase in Chinese students, and is keen to develop this and other international markets (India, Ukraine, Russia).  In order to do this, they would like to franchise a foundation programme and UG programmes in Business Administration and Management.  If implemented successfully they would subsequently like to franchise a number of bachelor or masters programmes in other specialised management disciplines, ICT, etc.

The plan would be to start with the Foundation programme (initially around 50 students) and potentially on UG programme and then introduce further courses.

If you would like to have a call with the college please contact us.

Franchise Opportunity with Leading Private Polish University

We have a very interesting Dual Degree opportunity in Poland. It is the largest private university in Poland, with over 17,000 students.  The university was founded in 1996 by three leading phycology academics and has now grown to five campuses across Poland.  The university teaches across a number of subject areas including Psychology, Sociology, Business, Law and Languages.  Many of their courses are taught in English.

They are keen to establish a Computer Science faculty, and as part of that process, they wish to franchise a UG programme from a UK University, which they will deliver in Poland.  They have done significant preparation work, and have faculty on board. They would aim to launch in 2021 with between 50-75 students, but would expect enrolment to climb quickly over the next few years to around 200-250 per year.  They would also be looking for support from the UK Partner as they develop their own curriculum, and would intend for the franchised programme to become a dual degree in due course.  They are also interested in looking at franchising a conversion masters in computing.  We know this university well they have a very strong reputation.  They are also able to command market-leading fees.

If you would be interested in speaking to them please let contact us.

Interesting Opportunity with leading Czech Regional University

A leading regional university in the Czech Republic, the university was founded in 1959.  It is a general university and has around 6,000 students, and offers studies in the following fields:

  • Economics/Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Educational Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • IT

They have a good number of courses taught in English at both UG, PG and PHD levels, in a range of areas including Politics, African Studies, Latin American Studies Philosophy, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Education. They also have had some experience of working with UK universities in research (eg St Andrews on Toxicology) and have had a double degree in the past with the University of Huddersfield (mobility model).

The university already has the highest percentage of international students of any Czech state university.  They recruit well from Africa, Latin America and are keen to move into other recruitment markets.

They are keen to increase student numbers and believe a partnership with a UK university who would be able to offer dual degree programmes across a range of areas, and at a range of levels, and where there would also be scope for the development of joint research and student mobility would be key. They would initially want to focus on a mobility model (2+1, 1+1) though would be interested in also looking at an in county delivery model (validated) at some point in the future.   They are also keen to discuss student and staff mobility, and joint research.

They believe the most promising initial areas for dual degree programmes are:

  • Informatics and Management (UG + PG)
  • Political Science (UG and PG )
  • Textile Production (UG)
  • Biology & Chemistry (UG+PG)
  • Toxicology (PG)

If you would like to arrange an initial call please contact us. This video gives an idea of the type of university.


Opportunity with University in Poland

The University is based in Upper Silesia, the industrial centre of Poland.  The University was founded in 1945, and is one of the leading technology universities in Poland. In October of last year the University was granted the status of Research university in Poland, underlining its quality.  The university has 22,000 students and over 1,700 academic staff.  Unusually for a Polish University, they already offer a large number of UG and PG programmes in English, and have significant numbers of international students. They are keen to develop a relationship with a UK university based on the development of dual degree programmes (Mobility model, with the student initially studying in Poland and coming to the UK to finish their programmes ) in the following areas.

  • Automatic Control & Robotics (PG)
  • Electronics and Telecommunications(PG)
  • Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (PG)
  • Civil Engineering(UG/PG)
  • Electrical Engineering(UG/PG)
  • Power Engineering (UG)
  • Management & Production Engineering(UG)

They are also keen to develop research links across these areas, and also in Biotechnology and Transport and Logistics.  If you would be interested in a call with them please contact us.


Partnership with US Private College for Law programme

We have a US Private college based in New York State who is interested in forming a partnership with a UK University based on an articulation into the UK Law programme.  The idea is that the student will be recruited in the US and do a two year Associate Law degree at the college, and then based on the level of result the student would then come to the UK entering year 2 of the UK law degree.  The US College has done some research with potential students over the past few months and believes there will be interest in this offer, and are looking for a UK University who would be happy to pilot this project with them.

If you would like more information please contact us.

Opportunity to take on existing business franchise relationship of over 100 UG/PG students and franchise Level 8 Business provision

We have an opportunity for a UK university to partner with a well-established global private provider for the provision of franchised UG and PG programmes.  The College is based in Malta and is accredited locally to deliver up to Level 7, and has an existing franchise relationship with a UK university that generates over 100 students.  The courses offered currently are business-related and include an MBA, and MSc in Business and HRM and a BA top-up.

The local provider is keen to achieve full university accreditation in Malta and to do that need to be able to offer a Level 8 programme, they are looking for a partner who has a level 8 PHD/DBA that is well developed for remote delivery, where the student would be able to work under remote supervision, with some local input (the current partner is not able to provide that).  They believe they will be able to secure around 15 students a year for this programme to begin with, but will also look to migrate the existing partnership to the partner who is able to offer this.

If you would like further information, or to arrange a call please contact us.

Consulting Opportunity with Vilnius Municipality (Social Services)

We have been asked by the Mayor’s office at Vilnius Municipality, Lithuania to help identify a UK University who could provide consultancy and support for the following:

One of our key focus areas is to constantly evaluate and improve the quality of the social services provided. Currently, we are working on the development of Social Services Quality Evaluation methodology which should help us to achieve our goals.

 In our perception, the methodology that we are aiming to implement should be based on known standards. Based on it we should be able to:

– define clear quality parameters of the social services provided;

– measure the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the services;

– measure the customer satisfaction of the social services they are receiving;

– constantly capture service improvement capabilities which should serve as an input into our service improvement plans.

If you would be interested in having an initial discussion with the head of the Social Service team at Vilnius Municipality please contact us.

Opportunity with major Spanish State University

The University is a public university based in Alicante, it was established in 1996, and has four campuses across the region.  The university has over 25,000 students, of which over 13,600 (5% international) are enrolled on degree programmes across all three levels, bachelors (26 courses), masters (50 courses), and doctoral, and 12,000 on continuing education programmes. The university has over 1000 teachers and just under 500 administrative staff across 7 faculties: Experimental Science, Fine Arts, Health and Social Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, and two polytechnic schools of Social and Legal Science, and Engineering (Elche and Orihuela campuses).  They are an innovative research-intensive university with almost 800 scientific publications per year, about 330 doctoral theses approved, over 11.8 million euros funding for R&D, 44 patents in the past 6 years, and about 3,000 graduates per year. The university is very focused on internationalisation, and post BREXIT is keen to foster strategic links with a UK University.

They currently offer Spanish Courses, Study Abroad Programs, Internships, and Exchanges in undergraduate courses: Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Psychology, Business, Legal Sciences, Communication, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Statistics, Health Sciences, Political Sciences, Environmental Sciences.

They are keen to look at launching a number of Dual Degree programmes (mobility based) taught in English, initially at Masters level, currently they offer no Masters in English.  They would like to focus on one of the following Bio Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, or Engineering but are keen to explore other options as well.  They also would like the partnership to include the development of joint research projects, and student and staff mobility.

If you would be interested in having an initial call please contact us.