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Portugal is making a concerted effort to develop its international student recruitment activity, this effort is supported by both national and regional government and is being embraced by the universities and polytechnics.  As part of this strategy they are looking to increase the number of post graduate and undergraduate courses that they teach in English.  Charles spent a very enjoyable week in Portugal a couple of weeks ago meeting with 12 different universities, covering the traditional (Porto/Lisbon), the new universities (founded in the 1970’s), polytechnics (very impressive technical universities teaching undergrad and masters) and private universities.  Discussions focussed on their plans for developing international activity and they are all keen to work with UK universities on the development of dual degree programmes, joint research, student movement (post BREXIT) and the development of their international recruitment activity.  We already have several UK universities in discussions with Portuguese institutions around forming strategic partnerships and we believe there is scope for a number more to make Portugal a post-BREXIT partner hub.

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Market Access

We continue to run our market access service for universities and colleges, where we focus on a selected market or markets and look at developing a range of activities including short course and CPD development delivery, summer schools, consultancy, course licencing, franchise degree and dual and joint degree partnerships.  We are currently running projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Germany, several CIS markets, Brazil and North America.

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We have seen a big increase in activity in the US market over the past 12 months and are now working with around 10 UK universities and an accrediting body in the market.  We see a number of exciting growth areas including:

  • Apprenticeships: This is a really interesting area.  The new administration is promoting the development of apprenticeships and providing funding.  US business is keen on them, but there is a lack of local understanding on how to develop and manage large scale apprenticeship programmes.  We see opportunities for UK universities and colleges to work with US community colleges, private universities and large corporates on the development and management of programmes.  Several private UK providers have already established a presence in this market.  We are supporting a couple of universities in the market but believe the opportunity is potentially very large.

Student Recruitment: We have developed a number of innovative models for recruiting US students, including a programme based around course licencing that focuses on community colleges and 6 UK universities working in partnership.  We have recently recruited a new consultant who was an experienced and senior High School guidance councillor, using her experience

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BREXIT Mitigation

We are doing a lot of work with universities on how to deal with the many challenges BREXIT poses, this includes developing strategies which will allow the institution to continue to educate international and EU students, safeguard access to research and student movement.  We have been working at a governmental level in several developing EU markets to understand local sensibilities around UK universities establishing or partnering in their market and have a range of projects under development, including the purchase of private universities, the development of joint faculties and the establishment of deep partnerships.  We are keen to speak to universities in the UK who are looking at how to address BREXIT to see if we can help.

Market Selector Service

Cormack Consultancy Group has launched a new service to help companies find the markets with the best -selling potential for their products or services.

The Market Selector tool allows companies to prioritise their markets based on their likely success…

Cormack Consultancy Now working in 55 countries

Cormack Consultancy Now working in 55 countries.

The Directors of Cormack Consultancy Group are delighted to announce that we have merged our Baltic and Romanian offices with Civitta one of the biggest Management Consultancy firms in Central and Eastern Europe.

Striving To Reach Their Full Potential

The Baltic States are making rapid progress towards instilling the best corporate practices in private businesses and state-owned enterprises (SOEs), but there are still challenges to be overcome. Dalius Simenas reports.