Entries by Linda Cormack

Opportunity to take on existing business franchise relationship of over 100 UG/PG students and franchise Level 8 Business provision

We have an opportunity for a UK university to partner with a well-established global private provider for the provision of franchised UG and PG programmes.  The College is based in Malta and is accredited locally to deliver up to Level 7, and has an existing franchise relationship with a UK university that generates over 100 students.  The courses offered currently are […]

Opportunity with major Spanish State University

The University is a public university based in Alicante, it was established in 1996, and has four campuses across the region.  The university has over 25,000 students, of which over 13,600 (5% international) are enrolled on degree programmes across all three levels, bachelors (26 courses), masters (50 courses), and doctoral, and 12,000 on continuing education programmes. The university has over 1000 teachers and just under 500 administrative […]

University of Brighton

We were building a strategy to deliver income growth from TNE for the University and needed some external expert guidance as the University was starting almost from scratch with TNE with very limited provision.  We contracted Cormack Consulting to support us in developing a growth strategy.  Aziz worked with us on this spending a few […]

CCG to sponsor leading Point to Point and National Hunt Jockey

CCG is delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring leading Point to Point and National Hunt Jockey Ross Wilson.  Ross is from Peebles where CCG is based, and has had almost 400 rides under both codes over the past few years.  Last year he was second in the Northern Point to Point Championship, and […]

Exciting Opportunity to develop a partnership with Spanish University

The University, based in Catalonia, Spain and is one of the leading teaching and research universities in Spain.  The university has 14,000 students, spread across 6 campuses.  The university is interested in developing dual degree programmes with a UK university as part of their internationalisation activity.  They are ideally looking for a model of dual […]

Opportunity to develop a dual degree partnership with the a leading Ukraine University

The University is one of Ukraine’s leading universities, it was founded in 1921, and was granted National status in 2011.  The university has over 5,000 students, and offers full time, part time and distance learning courses.  The university has already developed dual degree relationships with a number of European universities including Zagreb School of Economics, […]

Opportunity with a College in New York, USA

We have an interesting partnership opportunity with a College in the USA.  The College was founded in New York in 1950, and has grown to become one of the leading private universities in the State.  The university has over 9,000 students and offers over 40 degree programmes across four campuses.  The main campus is a forty minute train […]