Opportunity to take on existing business franchise relationship of over 100 UG/PG students and franchise Level 8 Business provision

We have an opportunity for a UK university to partner with a well-established global private provider for the provision of franchised UG and PG programmes.  The College is based in Malta and is accredited locally to deliver up to Level 7, and has an existing franchise relationship with a UK university that generates over 100 students.  The courses offered currently are business-related and include an MBA, and MSc in Business and HRM and a BA top-up.

The local provider is keen to achieve full university accreditation in Malta and to do that need to be able to offer a Level 8 programme, they are looking for a partner who has a level 8 PHD/DBA that is well developed for remote delivery, where the student would be able to work under remote supervision, with some local input (the current partner is not able to provide that).  They believe they will be able to secure around 15 students a year for this programme to begin with, but will also look to migrate the existing partnership to the partner who is able to offer this.

If you would like further information, or to arrange a call please contact us.