Interesting Opportunity with leading Czech Regional University

A leading regional university in the Czech Republic, the university was founded in 1959.  It is a general university and has around 6,000 students, and offers studies in the following fields:

  • Economics/Business
  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Educational Studies
  • Natural Sciences
  • IT

They have a good number of courses taught in English at both UG, PG and PHD levels, in a range of areas including Politics, African Studies, Latin American Studies Philosophy, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Education. They also have had some experience of working with UK universities in research (eg St Andrews on Toxicology) and have had a double degree in the past with the University of Huddersfield (mobility model).

The university already has the highest percentage of international students of any Czech state university.  They recruit well from Africa, Latin America and are keen to move into other recruitment markets.

They are keen to increase student numbers and believe a partnership with a UK university who would be able to offer dual degree programmes across a range of areas, and at a range of levels, and where there would also be scope for the development of joint research and student mobility would be key. They would initially want to focus on a mobility model (2+1, 1+1) though would be interested in also looking at an in county delivery model (validated) at some point in the future.   They are also keen to discuss student and staff mobility, and joint research.

They believe the most promising initial areas for dual degree programmes are:

  • Informatics and Management (UG + PG)
  • Political Science (UG and PG )
  • Textile Production (UG)
  • Biology & Chemistry (UG+PG)
  • Toxicology (PG)

If you would like to arrange an initial call please contact us. This video gives an idea of the type of university.