Consulting Opportunity with Vilnius Municipality (Social Services)

We have been asked by the Mayor’s office at Vilnius Municipality, Lithuania to help identify a UK University who could provide consultancy and support for the following:

One of our key focus areas is to constantly evaluate and improve the quality of the social services provided. Currently, we are working on the development of Social Services Quality Evaluation methodology which should help us to achieve our goals.

 In our perception, the methodology that we are aiming to implement should be based on known standards. Based on it we should be able to:

– define clear quality parameters of the social services provided;

– measure the effectiveness and/or efficiency of the services;

– measure the customer satisfaction of the social services they are receiving;

– constantly capture service improvement capabilities which should serve as an input into our service improvement plans.

If you would be interested in having an initial discussion with the head of the Social Service team at Vilnius Municipality please contact us.