University of Brighton

We were building a strategy to deliver income growth from TNE for the University and needed some external expert guidance as the University was starting almost from scratch with TNE with very limited provision.  We contracted Cormack Consulting to support us in developing a growth strategy.  Aziz worked with us on this spending a few really valuable days at the University consulting with various stakeholders, mapping out existing processes and experience to date.  One of Aziz’s standout qualities was to be able to understand the detail of processes and unpick those with administrative colleagues but also to be able to talk confidently with University senior management, comfortably discussing TNE and demonstrating a depth of knowledge that won their confidence in him and as a result in the subsequent strategic proposals that we developed.  Aziz is fantastic to work with and a true expert in his field – I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Gareth Topp (Head of Internationalisation, University of Brighton)