Opportunity with a College in New York, USA

We have an interesting partnership opportunity with a College in the USA.  The College was founded in New York in 1950, and has grown to become one of the leading private universities in the State.  The university has over 9,000 students and offers over 40 degree programmes across four campuses.  The main campus is a forty minute train ride from Grand Central Station, the university has recently acquired and is refurbishing a campus in mid-town Manhattan which will open with dormitories this year.  The university’s most famous alumni Mark Zuckerberg who attended computer classes whilst at High School.

The University is keen to internationalise its student base, as well as build partnerships with universities across Europe.  There is interest in developing dual degree programmes with European Universities based on the student spending the first three years at the partner university and then coming to the US to complete their studies for UG or first year at the partner and coming to the US for a semester for PG , with the student being awarded two degree diploma’s based on the mutual recognition of credits.  The University is also keen to look at articulation agreements, joint research project and student and staff mobility.  There will also be an option for the delivery of summer schools utilising the new Manhattan Campus.

Whist it is a general university they would initially like to focus on Business, Computing, Cyber Security, International Relations, Design, Animation and Psychology.

If you would be interested in a discussion please get in touch.