Opportunity for UK university to offer support to a leading Lithuanian University in establishing a Faculty of Education 

One of the leading state universities in Lithuania.  The university has, as a result of a major restructuring of the Lithuanian higher education system, which has resulted in a rationalisation of the numbers of universities from 11 to 7, and which has seen the closing of the only specialist teacher training university been tasked with the opening of a faculty of education.

The faculty will, along with another being established by Vilnius University will have the responsibility for the training of all teachers in Lithuania, and will also be responsible for the development of CPD for current teachers, as well as developing a significant research profile.  The university is interested in identifying a UK university that might be able to offer consultancy to support the development of the faculty, this will include staff development, curriculum development, support in developing a CPD strategy, and also in the development of a research strategy and activity.

The university is to receive financial support for procuring of the consultancy.