Opportunity to partner with a new “Polytechnic” University in Romania

We are working with a number of significant organisations in Romania on the development of a new Polytechnic University in Bucharest.  The two key players behind this project are the largest education NGO in Romania with a strong track record of delivering national education projects, and one of the largest education businesses in Romania.  Both organisations have experience of working with UK universities on a range of projects, including the launch of a new private nursing university delivering UK degree programmes.

In partnership with some of the largest companies (international and local), they are looking at establishing a new type of private university in Romania, which will focus on the delivery of modern relevant degree programmes (mainly UG) focused on getting young people ready for the workplace.  They will adopt the same model as the successful arrangement used with their UK University partner for the nursing school where investment will come in direct from business through a special tax allowance/exemption. The initial focus will be on IT with plans to then expand into other areas where there is a lack of relevant local provision.

The working group would like to invite expressions of interest from UK universities that would like to become the academic partner.  The university should be experienced at delivering industry focused programmes (including Higher Apprenticeships) and have a strong track record of working closely with industry to develop relevant programmes and have the capacity to deliver elements of the programmes online.  The University partner will have a significant input into how the project is developed.

There will be a meeting in Bucharest in September, where interested universities will be invited to meet with the originators of the project and senior representatives of industry to discuss the project further.