Interesting Opportunity with Private University in Croatia

We have an interesting opportunity with a leading private University of Applied Science in Croatia.  The University is about 30 minutes drive from the centre of Zagreb, and the campus is next to Zagreb international airport.  The University was founded 16 years ago, and has around 2,000 students and offers programmes in a limited number of areas, at UG level they teach Computer Systems, Aircraft Maintenance, Management in Crisis Situation, Optometry and Automotive Engineering and four PG programmes, Crisis Management, Information Systems, Management of Logistic Systems and Optometry.

These courses are developed based on careful analysis of the needs of the local economy, and provision in other universities.  The university is currently investing heavily in the further development of their campus, and are keen to attract increased numbers of international students (in line with the Croatian government’s policy of dramatically increasing international student numbers).  They do not currently deliver any programme completely in English, though the plan is to move to full English delivery, and Optometry will be the first one to offer this in September, they are looking for a UK partner to look at opportunities to deliver dual degree programmes, and also to look at franchising programmes in other areas they are considering.