Excellent opportunity with leading Technical University in Ukraine

Following on from the recent CCG visit to Ukraine we have a university keen to establish a partnership with a UK university which will cover the development of dual degree programmes, staff and student mobility and summer schools.  The university has a rich heritage, founded in 1930, the university is famous for the creation of the first high-speed aeroplane with retractable landing gear, and for the design of one of the first turbojet engines.  The university continues to be rated highly.

The university has 11,000 students, including 1,500 international students from 45 countries.  It is a campus-based institution, which includes a range of student facilities.  The university belongs to EASN, PEGASUS and a signatory of Magna Charta Universitatum.  The university also has dual degree programmes with universities in Italy, Germany and China.

The university teaches a range of courses in English in a range of areas including Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Economics, Psychology, Aviation Transport, Power Engineering (renewable) and Avionics, and wishes to develop dual programmes with UK universities that will allow the university to increase its international students.  They are looking at a couple of models, both the franchised/validated model for delivering in Ukraine, and mobility, and understand the financial arrangements around both models.  They are also interested in discussing summer schools, student and staff mobility and joint research.