Edinburgh Napier University

I have been working with CCG and Charles Cormack for over eighteen months. I initially commissioned CCG to provide a market assessment for me covering the academic and certain strategic industry sectors. That work and report was successfully completed and they have been facilitating and managing my business development into the Baltic States since. Charles has also given me opportunity to assess business potential in other parts of the world.

From the CCG relationship, we have been successful in developing joint faculty programmes, knowledge exchange contracts, assessment of research collaborations and commercial contracts. Charles still highlights potential opportunities to me when relevant.

The benefit I’ve found from contracting CCG include the following:

CCG has offices in Latvia and Lithuania as well as other countries. They employ local people to that region with specific networks and knowledge of markets, industry and academia, so interaction with the CCG as a supplier does not depend on a single individual delivering awareness, business development focus and strength in depth.

CCG provide me with the value added sales and business development services in the geographic region and will act on Edinburgh Napier’s behalf to develop opportunities. This minimises my costs while maximising my development opportunities.
Charles has strong networks at senior government and industry levels. Typical examples include his organisation and facilitation of my meetings with the Lithuanian Minister for Education and the Latvia Deputy Minister for the Economy visit to the Institute in Scotland.

CCG have organised both speculative and focused business development opportunities for me therefore allowing me to arrive at the airport and be accompanied to organised meetings and sessions with potential clients.

CCG’s business growth allows me to develop similar activities in other countries other than the Baltic states In summary, my experience with CCG and Charles has been exceptional as both a supplier and business growth partner.

Prof. Ian Hunt, Edinburgh Napier University