New and recent opportunities (December)

Opportunity for Partnership with the Vistula Group of Universities in Poland.

The Vistula Group is a fast-growing group of Private universities, the group operates under two “brands” Vistula University, and the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.  The group prides itself on its links to business ( over 300 partner companies) and employability statistics ( one of top in Poland). There are opportunities to partner for the development of dual degree’s mobility and joint research with both universities.

The group is the most international of all Polish universities, with 50% of their students (8,000) being international from over 80 countries. The group has recently taken over the Polish Open University and integrated this into Vistula University, giving the group experience of delivering dual degree programmes with UK universities, though they have no partners currently.

The group has invested heavily in the development of an e-learning platform, and there would be scope for utilising the virtual learning environment for the delivery of elements of a dual programme.

Whilst they would be keen to explore both franchise/validated models and mobility models the preference is for the former.  They teach a number of both under and post graduate courses in English and would like to develop degrees across a range of areas including Management and Business, Finance and Accounting (ACCA and CFA Accredited), Economics and International Relations, Art/Design, Architecture and Computer Science.

This group is growing quickly and is very open for an academic and commercial partnership.   I believe there could be scope for good numbers.  Let me know if you would like a call arranging.


High Quality Engineering TNE Opportunity Latvia

Riga Technical University (RTU) is the only technical university in Latvia, it has around 15,000 students (almost 3,000 of whom are international), and has a strong reputation for its teaching and research (QS Ranking 651).  The University is keen to find a strategic partnership with a UK university to offer Dual Degree programmes (on a franchise or validated model).  To begin with they want to focus on their Engineering faculty, though the plan would be to extend to other areas (with the correct partner) , and would suggest starting with UG and PG programmes in Electronic Engineering and/or Telecommunications.

The University is in the process of completing a new campus in the centre of Riga, and when this is complete the Engineering School will have the most modern facilities in the region.  If you would like me to arrange a call with the university please let me know

Opportunity with leading Romanian Private university

Titu Maiorescu University was founded in 1990 as a Not for Profit Private University , since then it has become recognised as one of the leading Private universities in the region.  The University has over 7,000 students, and is composed of 9 faculties, including Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Psychology, Law, Business and Computer Science.

The university is keen to build a relationship with a UK university that could cover a number of subject areas.  They are currently in the process of developing English taught undergraduate programmes in both Informatics and Business, and would like to engage in discussions to establish a partnership with a UK university for Dual Degree programmes in both areas before their course content is finalised and submitted to the Ministry for accreditation (to allow for a proper fit of programmes).  The University would also like to expand the partnership to cover other areas as they develop further English taught programmes.

The University also has strong research credentials, with 9 interdisciplinary research centres, and is currently running 5 EU financed research projects, and is a member of the European University Association and was the only Private university in Romania that was invited to participate in the EU financed MATRA programme, aimed at developing a national strategy focused on assuring quality in the Higher Education system.


Outstanding opportunity with leading private university on Portugal

University Fernando Pessoa is one of Portugal’s leading private universites, the university has three campuses, the main campus is in Porto in northern Portugal, with satellite campuses in Ponte De Lima and the Canary islands.  The university has around 4,500 students, of which 16% are international students, coming from 37 different countries.  The University teaches 19 courses in English across a range of subjects at both UG and PG level.  The fees range from around 3,000 euro’s a year to 7,000 euro’s depending on subject area.

The university is keen to identify a UK university to work with to develop a number of dual degrees, they are open to various models, but would be keen to look at the in country delivered model (franchise/validated) and would be keen to look at a number of areas where they are already teaching in English, these include Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Psychology and Health Sciences (Nursing, Pharma, Dentistry and Physio).

It is also worth noting that the university also has its own teaching hospital, however it does not deliver medical degree programmes,. This is as a result of the Portuguese government telling them they had to have a hospital before they would consider allowing them to deliver medical degree programmes.  Permission has not yet been given, and as a result they are partnering with a number of existing medical universities in various markets allowing students to do clinical practice (in English)


Experienced Private Operator looking for UK University to partner on creation of Medical School in the Middle East.

We have been approached by an experienced private education provider, who already has a number of very successful partnerships with UK universities in various parts of the world.  They are keen to develop a Medical school in the Middle East, where they already have successful operations.   They are looking for a UK university who would be able to partner with them to provide the academic input and credentials.  The private sector partner will be able to invest in the development of infrastructure, the local management and recruitment.