As always, we thought you might be interested in seeing a selection of the opportunities we have shared with clients over the past few months, we have not shared the names of the universities and partners, however if any are of particular interest please let me know

Strategic Partnership (Campus in Campus) Opportunity in Romania

We have an interesting opportunity that would suit a UK university interested in establishing a base in the EU, but does not want to invest in either the creation of a branch campus or the acquisition of university in the EU to use as a base.  The University in question is a small private university (around 800 students) that was originally founded in 2000 and given full university status in 2012, based on its own campus in a secondary City in Romania.

The University is a not for profit institution and teaches in four primary subject areas, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level including Management, Accounting, Law and Police Studies.  The University is keen to develop the courses it teaches and its appeal to both local and international students and consequently is looking to develop a strategic partnership with a UK university. The plan would be to allow for the creation of a UK university “Campus within a Campus”.  The UK university could offer their own degrees across a range of subject areas (Duelled where appropriate) and foundation degree (Year 0) to international students (Romania is well situated for attracting students from a range of CIS and neighbouring countries. Students could then study part, or all, of their course in Romania or transfer to the UK.


The local university would be able provide the base for the campus, administrative support and access to faculty (who could be on the payroll of the local university), as well as the ability to jointly develop research proposals and activity.  If you would like an exploratory conversation with the Rector of the University, please let me know

TNE and Capacity Building with the University in Ukraine

The University of X can trace its roots back to 1576, when it was the first HE institution in Ukraine. The Academy in a member of the European Universities Association and is ranked as one the top ten universities (from a quality and transparency point of view) in Ukraine. It is small (currently 3,500 students), however it has recently seen completion of a major redevelopment of facilities which means its capacity has grown to 6,000 students.

The university is keen to develop a TNE and capacity building relationship with a UK university. It would like to focus its TNE activity on its strongest academic area which is languages. The Language school currently offers undergraduate and post graduate programmes in English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Aramaic and Arabic. It also has schools of Economics, Political Studies, Humanities, Law, and International Relations and would consider these areas as well with an existing partner.

The University will also be looking for support from the UK partner for leadership, staff and curriculum development (funded through the Ukrainian Ministry of Education)

If you would like to arrange an introductory call, please let me know and I will arrange.

Partnership with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Croatia

The Academy of Dramatic Arts was founded in 1950 and is part of X University, an institution of 80,000 students, with 34 faculties, covering 9 fields of study. In Croatia faculties are all powerful and look after the development of their own strategic international partnerships.  As a result, this opportunity is focused exclusively on this Academy.

The Academy currently has around 400 students and teaches both undergraduate and post graduate programmes in Film, Theatre and Dance. They are keen to form a partnership with a UK university that will start with the development of mobility and research activity, as well as sending students on summer schools, building to the potential of dual degree activity.

The Academy has experience of working in partnership with UK universities, having research/mobility relationships with Falmouth, Royal School of Speech and Drama, and Leeds University.  If you would like to arrange a call, please let me know

TNE and Capacity Development Opportunity with xxxxxx University

X University was founded in 1804 and has the highest QS ranking of any Ukrainian University (480).  It has 20 schools, including schools of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economy, Languages, Tourism, Mathematics, Physics (x4!) Business and a Medical School.  It has 25,000 students (5,000 international) and attracts students from over 60 countries, with the main markets being Nigeria, India, Zimbabwe, Ghana and the Middle East.

The University has 9 double degree programmes with European universities (France, Spain, Poland and Italy) based on a mobility model, and also has research relationships with both Exeter and Aston University. They are keen to find a UK partner to develop a range of dual degree programmes aimed at both international and local students based on the delivery of the programme in Ukraine (but would also look at mobility model) and also the development of joint research activity.  They would also be keen for the UK partner to be able to offer capacity building support (leadership, staff and curriculum development).

They would like to start with looking at areas where they already teach in English (medical related, IT and Computer Science, Applied Physics and Business) but they would also like to look at other areas once the partnership has been developed.

If you would like me to arrange a call, please let me know.

Franchise and Validation Opportunity Leading Regional Business School Croatia

X Business School is a leading regional business school, with campuses in Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia). The Business School was founded in 2002 and has developed a range of MBA programmes, as well as offering an extensive Executive Education programme.  The School is AMBA accredited and is looking for a quality UK university interested in franchising undergraduate business programmes and also in validating their existing MBA provision.

If you would like further information, and to arrange a call with one of the founders of the school please let me know and we will arrange

x State University

The University is based in the North East of Ukraine and is one of the leading universities in Ukraine. The University appears in a number of global ranking including Times Higher Education World Ranking, QS World Ranking (top 150 under 50). It is a general university covering engineering, IT, medicine, humanities, social sciences and life sciences.  The University has over 15,000 students, with around 1,500 being international.  hey have students from over 50 countries on campus, with the main countries/areas the University recruits from India, Iraq, Iran, CIS markets and increasingly Africa.

The University also has well developed online provision, they have developed their own e-learning platform which they have successfully sold to universities in 14 countries, and have over 1,000 students studying online degree programmes in English. It is one of the few universities in Ukraine able to earn over 50% of their income from sources other than state funding.

They have relationships with a number of UK universities (research) including Leeds and Sheffield.  They are now keen to find a more strategic partner for the development of a range of dual degree programmes.  They wish to use these programmes to target further international students, and also to offer to local students who are currently leaving to study in Poland and other CEE markets.  The University currently delivers a range of programmes in English including:

  • Management
  • Economics
  • IT/Computer Science
  • Nano Electronics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Law

As well as dual degree development they are also very keen on developing strong research partnerships and also in gaining support from their partner for leadership, staff and curriculum development.

If you would be interested in having an initial call with them, please let me know and I will arrange a call

National University x of Ukraine

As part of the programme sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine we have been speaking to this university.  The University is ranked 6th in Ukraine.  It has 32,000 students, 26,000 studying at the main campus in Kiev and the balance studying at a network of 10 smaller regional campuses spread across the country.  As well as a full range of undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral studies the University also has strong research, especially in agricultural and life sciences.

The University is keen to identify a UK university keen to partner with them in a number of areas, including the development of dual Masters degree programmes, the development of joint research and in supporting the University with capacity building (leadership, staff and curriculum development). It has a small number of international students at present but teaches an increasing number of courses in English. To begin with they would like to focus dual degree programmes in the following areas:

  • Economics and Management (where much of the current teaching is in English)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Food Science
  • Agronomy
  • Forestry
  • Veterinary Medicine

If you would be interested in having an initial discussion with the university let me know and I will arrange a Zoom call

Dual and Franchise Opportunity in Business and Tourism in Slovenia

We have an interesting opportunity with a leading Slovenian private university.  The University is based near the centre of Ljubljana and was founded in 2010. It is part of the B2 group, the most important and largest private education business in Slovenia, which also operates a large vocational college, two secondary schools and large-scale informal computer training centres.

The University currently delivers two undergraduate (Business Informatics and Marketing Communication & PR) and two postgraduate programmes (Management and Informatics and Marketing Management), the Masters are only delivered in English.  They are interested in identifying a UK university interested in looking at developing a dual degree across these subjects. In addition they are also interested in franchising and delivering a UK university programme in Hospitality Management (UG and PG) as there is no similar programme available in the Slovenian market and they believe there is potential for good numbers.

If you would be interested in arranging an initial call or would like further information, please let me knoow


We have been in discussions with the University of X in Croatia, the University is one of the oldest in Europe and can trace its routes back to 1396, it is also the largest integrated university in Croatia, this means it has departments rather than autonomous faculties, which allows the University to take a more strategic view towards partnerships. The University has 25 departments covering a wide range of subject areas). All departments offer courses in English and they are keen to look at building a partnership with a similar type of UK university.  We have asked them to identify key areas where they feel most ready to develop teaching (dual degree and mobility) and research partnerships and they have identified:

  • Maritime Engineering (underwater technologies)
  • Geography
  • Tourism
  • Aquaculture
  • Psychology

They would however also be interested in looking at other areas as the partnership develops.

If you would like further information or would like us to arrange an initial call, please let me know.


We have a unique opportunity for a UK university to develop a strategic partnership with a group of three private universities based in Luxembourg.

The universities are well established and ranked and specialise in Hospitality, Tourism and Business and are in the process of opening a new joint campus in the town of Wiltz.  The campus is based in a stunning castle (https://www.visitluxembourg.com/en/place/castle/wiltz-castle) and obviously provides an exceptional European location for UK universities looking for partnerships of scale post BREXIT.

One of these universities is ranked as one of the top European schools of hospitality management and all courses are delivered in English. One of the other universities (business focused) has experience of delivering dual degree programmes with a UK university. The idea is to have one strategic partner covering all the relevant subject areas, allowing for scale of opportunity. They are keen to look at both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The universities currently recruit all around the globe, with 95% of students being international (70% from EU member states).

If you would like further information or would like me to arrange an initial call, please let me know

Opportunity to for TNE partnership with dynamic young business focused University in Croatia

X School of Business was founded in 2006 and is a part state/part private university (partially owned by Zagreb Municipality). There are currently around 500 students, and the University offers a limited number of undergraduate programmes (Marketing, Communications, Cultural Management, Production and Supply Chain Management) and also Masters programmes in Marketing and Communications.  ZSB offer an extensive English Language programme to all students and is keen to increase the number of courses it offers to international students in English.  They are interested in developing a dual degree partnership with a UK university that would allow them to offer dual degrees across a range of courses (probably on a validation model), and also potentially look at franchising courses that they do not currently have.

If you would be interested in having an initial conversation with this university, please let me know and I will arrange.

High Quality Engineering TNE Opportunity Latvia

X is the only technical university in Latvia, it has around 15,000 students (almost 3,000 of whom are international) and has a strong reputation for its teaching and research (QS Ranking 651).  The University is keen to find a strategic partnership with a UK university to offer Dual Degree programmes (on a franchise or validated model).  To begin with they want to focus on their Engineering faculty, though the plan would be to extend to other areas (with the correct partner) and would suggest starting with UG and PG programmes in Electronic Engineering and/or Telecommunications.

The University is in the process of completing a new campus in the centre of Riga and when this is complete the Engineering School will have the most modern facilities in the region.  If you would like me to arrange a call with the university, please let me know



We have an excellent opportunity to work with a very good private university in Croatia.  X University College is the flagship institution of the largest private education organisation in Croatia, as a group they have over 15,000 students in higher education and lifelong learning programmes.  X University College has over 1,000 students with an annual enrolment of 300 students a year, growing at 20% year on year, and is ranked 1st for universities of Applied Science in terms of quality assurance and quality of the educational process

The University College carries out undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Computer Engineering, Multimedia Computing, Digital Marketing and an e-Leadership MBA programme (implemented in partnership with the University of Indiana).

The University also has a strong reputation for applied research in a number of areas including Data Science and the Application of IT in Education.

They are keen to identify a UK university willing to partner with them on the development of Dual Degree programmes across all the areas they teach.  I have to say I have been extremely impressed by their senior management, and I think they would make an excellent and high-quality partner.

If you would like me to arrange an initial call, please let me know.

The University of X TNE Opportunity Poland

The University of X was founded in 1970 and has 28,000 students. The University is split into 11 faculties and employs 1,700 staff. They are keen to grow the number of courses they teach in English and develop their recruitment across Europe and the globe. To do this they would be keen to identify a UK university interested in developing dual degree programmes across a number of areas. They would look to start with programmes (mixture of UG and PG programmes) they are already delivering in English, and these include:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Law and Administration
  • Cultural Communications
  • Physics and Medical Physics.

They would then also look to develop degrees in a range of areas. The University is very strong in three areas, Biotechnology (Research ranked A +), Aquaculture and Tourism.  As well as TNE they are also keen to explore opportunities for research collaboration, especially in these areas. They are currently developing a dual degree in Heritage Tourism with the University of Kolkata.

 Poland TNE Opportunity

We have a very interesting Dual Degree opportunity in Poland.  X (the University of Social Science and Humanities) is the largest private university in Poland, with over 17,000 students.  The University was founded in 1996 by three leading psychology academics, and has now grown to five campuses across Poland, and teaches across a number of subject areas including Psychology, Sociology, Business, Law and Languages. Many of their courses are taught in English and it is keen to increase the number of international and European students, and are keen to find a UK university they can partner with to launch a number of UG and PG Dual Degree programmes.  As they have an international reputation for their Psychology courses they do not wish to focus on these, but would like to start in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Law
  • English Studies
  • Design and Architecture

As well as teaching the University has highly ranked research (A+ in Psychology)

Opportunity to establish a joint venture with established Bulgarian university on the development of a British “University Campus”

The Opportunity: We are aware of a potentially excellent opportunity for a UK university to develop an EU based campus in partnership with a leading private university, minimising the risk associated with this type of project.

The Idea:

To create a British campus in Bulgaria allowing a UK university to target EU students post BREXIT wishing to study in English for a UK degree, as well as target international students, specifically from the CIS and Turkey where the partner already recruits strongly.  The Partner also has significant research in a number of areas and significant success in attracting EU money.

The local partner university is ready to create a joint venture, which will have all relevant local licences and permissions (including the ability to access research funding) and support the development of the campus.

The private university has three campuses in Bulgaria, including Sofia (Capital) and Varna (Major costal city) and has capacity it can make available on all three sites.  It also has full degree awarding powers and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in a number of areas including Business and Tourism.

The local partner is open for discussions around the type and structure of joint venture.

Why Bulgaria is a good place to base the campus:

  • The strength and experience of the local partner minimises risk
  • There is existing facilities and student accommodation that can be used
  • Local legislation allows for the campus to offer Dual Degree programmes with the local partner, or other Bulgarian university (depending on subject area), or simply offer the UK degree
  • Bulgaria has a student loan system, allowing a Bulgarian (and EU student) to access a loan to cover the full cost of tuition.
  • There is a track record of local and international students paying a premium for an international degree (the American University charges $11,000 a year)
  • The cost of living in Bulgaria is low, and the weather, and quality of life in main cities is good, making it an attractive destination for international students.
  • The quality of education is good, and there is a good availability of high quality local faculty.
  • Bulgaria has a strong track record of attracting international students from the CIS markets and Turkey.


We have an interesting opportunity from the Czech Republic, in the form of a well-established and highly ranked private university (mainly business subjects) with two campuses (Prague and Brno) looking to identify a UK university interested in franchising both undergraduate and post graduate provision across a range of areas, which include Marketing, Media, Digital Media, Communication, Tourism, Psychology and Management in Healthcare.

A recent change in Czech legislation makes it straightforward for a University from the EU to form a partnership with a local university, and for that institution to deliver franchised degree programmes from the EU partner (whilst not issuing a local degree).  There is a current example of this with Prague College (https://www.praguecollege.cz/).

The partner believes there is a market locally for this provision, as well as an opportunity to target students from Pakistan and India (where they are already recruiting), and also believe there would be increased interest post BREXIT.

Strategic TNE Opportunity in Bulgaria

We are in discussions with one of the leading private universities in Bulgaria (Varna Free University http://www.vfu.bg/en/) the University was founded in 1995 and has over 12,000 students. It offers a wide range of courses (including double diplomas with the Norwegian Business School), which are delivered on a full time, part time or distance learning basis.  The eight schools are based in three faculties:

  • International Economics and Administration
  • Law
  • Architecture

They deliver many courses in English and are looking to develop a strategic TNE relationship with a UK university looking to build a portfolio of dual degree programmes across a range of areas including Business, International Relations, ComputerStudies, Psychology, Architecture, Construction Engineering, Fashion, Fashion Management and Fine Arts.

The University recruits well internationally from Turkey and the CIS, and post BREXIT could make a good place to target European students (the Bulgarian student finance regulations would suit this). There is also good quality research in a range of areas, and the University’s campus in the seaside town of Varna (Sunny Beach) makes this a good place for student life.

 TNE Partnership with X University

Spiru Haret is the largest private university in Romania; the University was established in 1991 and has 6 campuses spread across the major cities of the country. It has a total of 15 faculties spanning a wide range of subject areas, including Social Science, Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Education and Law.  It offers over 100 undergraduate programmes, and almost 150 Masters programmes.  The University also has good research being the first university in Romania to receive the HR Excellence in Research mark by the European Commission.

The University’s Business School is developing a strong reputation and works closely with business. They have recently developed a new business support hub which offers a range of services to business in Romania, including training, innovation support, research and matchmaking services in internationalisation support.

The University has a number of international partnerships but is keen to develop a strategic partnership with a UK university which will allow for the development of dual degree programmes (taught by Spiru Haret in Romania) the potential to develop joint research and to secure student mobility.  The business school is also keen to establish a number of partnerships with UK universities with experience in the development of business support services

X College Opportunity in Slovenia

X college is part of the largest private education provider in Slovenia, comprising a Business Faculty and a Vocational College. The Business Faculty is one of the leading private universities in the country, educating 500 students across four programmes (2 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate) in Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and Corporate Security Management.  All programmes are taught in English.  The Faculty has the highest employability rate in the country (98% – compared to a national average of 76%). The Faculty has strong regional research, with its own scientific journal and runs many conferences, as well as having an extensive summer school programme.

The University is keen to partner with a UK university keen to offer dual degree programmes (either franchised or validated), initially focusing on the courses the University already has, and then potentially developing new business-related courses (probably on a licence or franchise model).  We believe student financing in Slovenia could make it a very attractive market for UK universities to base dual degree programmes.

If you would be interested in speaking to GEA let me know and I will arrange a call.

Update – Significant Computer Science and Computer Gaming Opportunity in Latvia

I held a meeting in early July with the Deputy State Secretary of Economy of Latvia to discuss a large initiative that the government is supporting to create a major education hub for Computer Science in Latvia. This initiative has the support of a range of large international businesses that have a significant IT development presence in the region (Accenture, Evolution Gaming, Barclays etc). The aim of the project is to increase the number of students studying IT related subjects by 3,000 a year. These students will be recruited globally with a particular focus on the CIS region.

In order to achieve this ambitious target, the plan is to create three or four large scale TNE partnerships (Joint Faculties) between international universities and local universities. These partnerships would be based on the delivery of dual degree programmes (UG and PG) across a range of Computer Science and Computer Gaming disciplines, with the aim of each partnership having between 600-100 students.  There is no set format for these partnerships, though the government is keen that the partnership should also cover PhD and research activity.

The Government will support the development of these “Joint Faculties” through offering political and financial support to local universities selected to take part in the programme. The financial support will potentially cover the development of new infrastructure, new staffing, partnership development and marketing support for student recruitment etc.

The project also has the support of a significant number of international and local technology businesses, headed by Accenture, which will also be making significant investments to support the creation of this IT education hub.  CCG has been asked to help in the identification of UK universities who would be interested in getting involved in this project.  We have been asked by the Ministry to speak to our existing client base to get an idea of the interest in the project from UK universities, if there is sufficient then we intend to restrict this opportunity to our existing client base.

I would be grateful if you could come back to me confirming your interest in being considered for this project

Opportunity for with specialist social science university in Slovenia

The School of X is based in Slovenia, with two campuses, one in Ljublijana the capital.  The university was founded in 2006 and has around 400 students.  It is ranked amongst the top social science institutions in Slovenia and is interested in finding a UK university interested in the development of dual degree programmes and also in franchising of UK degree programmes.

The institution currently has six-degree awarding programmes taught in English, these include UG programmes in Advanced Social Studies, Social Management, Psychological Counselling, and Masters in Intercultural Management and Sociology. As well as looking at the development of double degree programmes in these areas they are also keen to look at the potential to franchise programmes in other social science areas. The University has also been successful in securing significant amounts of EU research funding and is keen to develop joint research projects with their partner.

I do not expect volumes to be huge, but I think it presents a good niche opportunity for universities keen to improve the international reach of their social science faculty.  If you would like to arrange an initial call let me know

Business TNE Opportunity Czech Republic

We have a small private university in the Czech Republic looking for a dual degree partner.  The University was founded in 2004 and has around 1,200 students split across two campuses, one in Prague and one in Brno.  They have around 20% international students (they are seeing increasing numbers from India at the moment) and have been ranked as the best private university in the Czech Republic for the past five years. They take a practical approach to teaching, with all students needing to take a compulsory placement each year. They also mix academics and business people in the delivery of course, for example the President of the Czech National Bank currently delivers a course at the University.


They have a number of courses taught in English but would be interested in starting with an UG programme in Business Administration.  They are looking to develop a strategic relationship with a UK university to launch a number of dual degree programmes over the coming years.