New Market – Canada


Canada is fast becoming an international education powerhouse.  It has now overtaken the UK as the most attractive English-speaking country for EU students, according to a recent study that highlight the damaging impact of the BREXIT vote on the UK university sector.  It also now ranks as the 4th most popular destination in the world for international students, with almost 500,000 international students enrolled in 2017, which was a 20% increase over the 2016 numbers.


Part of the reason for this phenomenal success is that the Canadian government is, unlike our own, is unequivocal in their belief in the value of international students.  They accept that they offer the country a huge opportunity, and indeed 51% of all international students in Canada intend to apply for permanent residency.


A number of UK universities have already secured partnerships with Canadian universities, with around 5515 students in Canada enrolled on TNE type courses with UK universities, however we believe there is scope for more and larger projects.


We are going to be focusing on supporting our clients on developing partnerships with two different types of university, the first are those universities who are not able to offer Masters Courses, presenting an opportunity for the franchising of Masters Courses , and the second group are Community Colleges, who can offer Associate Degree’s but who would be interested in franchising Top Up programmes, also allowing their students to stay for an extra year and get their UG degree.


On top of this there are also good opportunities for the development of 1+1 dual award arrangements at a PG level, and dual awards that combine in Canada franchise and UK delivery.