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Overseas Opportunities


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Major Branch Campus Opportunity

We have a significant opportunity for a well ranked UK university to develop a branch campus in the EU. This novel project will see a UK university co-locate with a state university in CEE. The UK university will be able to utilise existing high-quality facilities and potentially access local faculty to support in delivery.  The UK university will also be able to potentially continue to access EU research funding through their involvement in a major local research centre.  In exchange the UK university would be expected to offer capacity building support to the State university as it looks to re-establish itself in the local market following a change in local student funding that has impacted its student recruitment.  The project has the support of the local municipality, business community and national political support.

Education Faculty Development

We have an opportunity, in the Baltic.  The Lithuanian government has embarked on a consolidation of their State universities.  The first stage of this involves the creation of two Centres of Excellence in Teacher Training.  These are in effect the creation of two new education faculties within existing universities.  One is a top research-intensive university (one of the highest ranked in CEE) and the other is with a strong regional university.  We have successfully supported the development of the partnership with the research intensive university, but will be helping the other university identify a relevant UK partner to work with.

Opportunity summary:

To work with the regional university on the development of their faculty.  This is a much larger and more intensive project the other one.  The university is looking for flying faculty support; support on curriculum development; support on development of their lecturers; initial support in teaching of students; support in the development of research activity; and support in setting up faculty management.  This will be a three to four year project.

The project will be funded by the Ministry of Education and devolved EU structural funds (106 million euro has been committed to the overall university consolidation project)

Academic Partner for a CPD and MSc Program for Teachers and School Leaders in Eastern Europe

An important private funded charity organisation from an Eastern European country which specialises in education is looking to set up a CPD program and possibly an MSc program dedicated to school teachers and principals around the country. The program will be dedicated to public as well as private K12 schools and will include a privately funded scholarship scheme for participants from challenging communities.
The client has a particular interest in collaborating with a reputable university that currently operates successful education related programs for school staff (teachers and principals). One or more universities might be selected to work in the project.

University Staff Development

We have three CEE universities (same geographic market) looking for university partners who can develop and deliver staff development programmes. All are in receipt of significant funding to support this (around 1 million euro each).  It is likely that each university would be looking for a different partner.

Teacher Training

We have a substantial opportunity for a UK university or college (or a group of institutions) to develop a national project to support the development of vocational and high school teachers.  The project should look at improving the individual’s English language and teaching skills.  It is envisaged that the project would be delivered through online/in-country delivery and summer school activity.  The project will be funded through the Ministry and devolved EU funding and should be done in partnership with a local partner who can manage the role in-country.  The Minister is taking an interest in the development of this project as they see it as key for allowing vocational and high school sectors to improve.  We have identified the UK partner who will be developing the pilot project.

Quality Assurance

We are aware of an opportunity for a UK based organisation to offer consultancy and support to a European Ministry of Education looking to review the country’s Quality Assurance system for higher education.  They wish the partner to be able to review the current methodology and make recommendations to strengthen the process and ensure the driving of higher quality across all degree awarding institutions.

School Improvement Project

We have further details of a new school improvement opportunity in Lithuania which we outlined in our January Newsletter. One of the main Municipalities and a local NGO (with the support of the Lithuanian School Evaluation Agency) is keen to find a UK partner to support in the development of a School Improvement Project. Phase one will be to work with the municipality and NGO on the review and development of current evaluation criteria allowing the Municipality to identify failing schools and develop action plans to improve their performance. Phase two will be to implement the activity needed to support the local schools (this will involve a partnership with the NGO) and possibly a local university as well as the provision of structured training and consultancy.

The funding for Phase one has been secured through the Municipality and as a result the partners are keen to move forward and identify a UK university or consultancy with relevant experience that would be able to offer support and guidance in the development of the criteria and process needed to identify failing schools.

Module Development (Law)

A State university in CEE is looking for a UK partner to develop and support in the delivery of a number of modules in Common Law and UK Corporate Law which they wish to integrate into existing degree provision.  They also want the partner to run summer schools which the local university will offer to students from other universities and the local legal market.

Franchise Degree Partnership (IT)

We have four European universities currently looking to find UK universities interested in looking at offering dual degree opportunities.  Two are quality private universities and two are regional state funded universities.

Dual Degree (International project management)

A leading CEE Business School (part of leading European university) is looking for a dual degree partner for a Masters degree in International Project Management.

Dual Degree (Fintech)

A large technical university is seeking support in developing a Fintech Masters degree (preparation underway) followed by the launching of a dual Masters degree.

Dual Degree (Business Management and Corporate Finance & Marketing/Communication)

A leading private Czech university, with over 30% international students, is looking to find a quality UK partner for delivery of dual degrees in the two subject areas above (they already have established programmes in these areas).  This university already has a successful relationship with a US university delivering an MBA.

Dual Degree/Research (Multiple Areas of Cooperation)

A leading State university in Czech Republic is keen to develop cooperation with UK universities post-BREXIT in terms of dual degree programmes (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) and joint research.  The University has a large number of courses taught in English and faculties interested in cooperation include Education, Social Studies, Arts, Dentistry, Law and Science.

Dual Degree/Research (Business/Languages/Computer Science/Law)

A leading Romanian State university is keen to develop relationships with comparable UK universities to develop dual degree programmes and joint research in a number of areas where the University already has provision taught in English.  The University is looking for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Double Degree (Engineering)

A Portuguese university is seeking a UK university to offer a dual degree in a few areas of Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) They have existing demand from international students.

Double Degree (Undergraduate Engineering)

A large and well respected technical university is looking for a high-quality UK university partner to develop undergraduate double degree programmes in General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.  Good volumes projected.

Double Degree (PG Media Philosophy)

A leading Lithuanian University is looking for a partner to offer a double degree in Media Philosophy.

Double Degree (PG Technical Translations)

A leading technical university is seeking a partner to develop a double degree in Technical Translation.

Double Degree (Undergraduate Applied Physics)

A well ranked CEE State university looking to develop a double degree programme in Applied Physics.

Double Degree (International Business)

A leading Portuguese Business School (FT top 60) looking for a UK university to offer double degree in International Business.


If you would like to discuss any items in the newsletter further please email and we can arrange a time for a call or meeting.