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Opportunities Update- Education

Education Opportunity Update

Welcome to our September opportunities update, we are aware that many of you will be very busy with the start of term, but wanted to let you know about some of the current international opportunities we are seeing for both universities and colleges.  These are in no particular order and cover opportunities across a range of markets including the USA, Brazil, CIS, Baltic States, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania and the Ukraine.

If you would like further information please email and we can arrange a call to brief you further.

 BREXIT Mitigation

We are working with a number of universities and colleges to help develop strategies to mitigate the potential effects of BREXIT.  We have developed a number of innovative ideas and would be happy to share our thoughts with others.

US Apprenticeships

On 15th June 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that has dramatically accelerated the roll out of apprenticeships in the USA.  We are already supporting a number of UK universities and accrediting bodies in exploring this market and we believe there will be significant opportunities for more UK universities, colleges and accrediting bodies.

European Nursing School
We are supporting a significant Central European private health provider, who is looking to find a UK university partner to develop and deliver a UK Nursing Undergraduate Programme in-country, this is a major long-term project.

Universities for Sale
We are aware of a number of European private universities, with full local accreditation, who are interested in attracting a UK university as a strategic investor/partner.  We believe this type of relationship could offer UK universities significant opportunities as the full impact of BREXIT is felt.

IT Courses
We are working with a major CEE IT training provider, that currently delivers high level training to around 1000 students a year.  They are looking for a UK university partner who would be able to offer Undergraduate and Masters Programmes to students in IT, Web Design, Data Science and Digital Marketing.

Course Licencing
We have demand from a number of universities, including German universities, that are looking to licence UK university degree programmes content (unaccredited) in a range of subject areas.

English Language Training
We are aware of a number of opportunities across a range of countries including Brazil, Portugal and Romania for the provision of English Language training for students (preparing to study in English), teachers and lecturers and the private sector (Trade associations etc.).

Programme for School Improvement
We have been asked by a CEE Ministry to find organisations in the UK who might be interested in consulting on the development of a School Improvement Programme focusing on supporting the 200 weakest high schools.

Teacher Training
We have another significant opportunity for a UK university or FE college to work in partnership with a university in CEE to develop a new faculty in teacher training focused on primary and secondary school teachers.  This project has support from the local Ministry of Education.

Dual Degree Programmes
We have a number of European universities looking for UK partners for the development of Dual Degree Programmes across a wide range of subject areas.  These universities want to work in partnership with their UK partners to market these degree programmes to international (non EU students).  We believe this could offer a significant opportunity for the UK university to grow their international student numbers through the delivery of Dual Degree Programmes in markets that are more attractive to international students.