Portugal is making a concerted effort to develop its international student recruitment activity, this effort is supported by both national and regional government and is being embraced by the universities and polytechnics.  As part of this strategy they are looking to increase the number of post graduate and undergraduate courses that they teach in English.  Charles spent a very enjoyable week in Portugal a couple of weeks ago meeting with 12 different universities, covering the traditional (Porto/Lisbon), the new universities (founded in the 1970’s), polytechnics (very impressive technical universities teaching undergrad and masters) and private universities.  Discussions focussed on their plans for developing international activity and they are all keen to work with UK universities on the development of dual degree programmes, joint research, student movement (post BREXIT) and the development of their international recruitment activity.  We already have several UK universities in discussions with Portuguese institutions around forming strategic partnerships and we believe there is scope for a number more to make Portugal a post-BREXIT partner hub.