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Life Science / Biotech Webinar

Life Science/Biotech Webinar

On April 27th at 3pm UK time our life science/biotech expert, Midori Yokoyama, who is based in our Chicago office, will be running a live webinar for UK life science companies. This is a great opportunity to hear about the US life science market, especially if this is a target market for your company. Midori will be joined by Barbara Goodman, Senior Vice President, PROPEL, iBIO Institute which specialises in supporting life science startups. Midori and Barbara will be available for Q&A during the webinar and for a live chat afterwards. This presents an excellent opportunity to use Midori and Barbara’s knowledge and expertise to help shape your US market strategy.

If you would like to register for the webinar please get in touch with Liz on

Midori Yokoyama:

Accomplished Business Development and Venture Capital executive with international experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, financial and academic institutions. Expertise in identifying, screening and evaluating in-licensing and investment opportunities in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Proven ability to lead global cross-functional team and manage multiple projects. Strong track record in venture capital investment term structuring, negotiation, and portfolio management.

Barbara Goodman, Senior Vice President – PROPEL is the iBIO Institute’s initiative for early stage life sciences companies founded by the Institute and iBIO (Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization).